Why are those with personality disorders STILL discriminated against in services?

Missed this a year ago. Thought provoking stuff.


In my opinion, personality disorders are just as prominent and valid as any other mental illness or disorder. So why are those with personality disorders still being discriminated against in the mental health services? We are seen as stubborn, reluctant to comply with treatment and at risk of attachments to peers/staff members and apparently this is reason enough to refuse some inpatient treatment for those with personality disorders. It has become normalised for those with PD to be treated unfairly, being seen as a group of people rather than an individual. There is a significant lack of people-centred care and the intensity of unfair treatment that is being delivered towards those with PD is barbaric, and ultimately making our symptoms worse.

In a survey of 92 people, all suffering from personality disorders, 85% said they felt they had been discriminated against by mental health services. This is a ridiculous number…

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